July 6, 2017

the memo: CEO Spotlight

Our very own, Shayna Ferguson was featured in the CEO Spotlight of “the memo,” the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas’ newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

Before becoming a member and an employee, Shayna Ferguson, Manager of the Lakota Federal Credit Union, was only familiar with banks – and how they work. Her journey with credit unions began in October of 2012 when she joined the Lakota Federal Credit Union (LFCU) team as a member service representative (MSR) when the credit union was just starting. As her view of financial institutions grew and united with her vision for her community, a career and a credit union believer were born. This is Shayna’s story.


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Shayna says, “My life has been positively impacted since becoming a member and employee of Lakota Federal Credit Union. It brings me joy to tell other people exactly what a credit union is and what we can offer them as members, and how beneficial is it to become a member of a credit union. Being able to offer credit union rates and products to the Oglala Sioux people from my home reservation is such a good feeling!”