February 9, 2022

Lakota Federal Credit Union Expands Service Area

Now Serving More Communities!

The Lakota Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that we have expanded our field of membership to now include Todd, Mellette, Tripp, and Gregory Counties in South Dakota. While continuing to serve the Pine Ridge Reservation, the Credit Union’s service area now also encompasses several communities of the neighboring Rosebud Reservation, such as Winner, Rosebud, Mission, Gregory, St. Frances, and White River.

“We are excited that we are now able to serve more people and offer additional choices in financial services to the Rosebud area communities,” says Shayna Ferguson, Branch Manager of the Lakota Federal Credit Union.

The Credit Union is currently developing a plan to roll out services in the new areas. The first step will be to place ATMs that provide fee-free transactions to our members in the expansion area.

“This expansion in field of membership is a natural progression for the Lakota Federal Credit Union, which has been growing since day one. Rural areas typically have fewer services in general, and low-income people have a harder time accessing those services. Our goal is to make banking and other financial tools more accessible for those communities,” says Tawney Brunsch, Board Chair for the Lakota Federal Credit Union.

With this expansion, membership to the Lakota Federal Credit Union is now open to persons who live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship, attend school in, participate in associations headquartered in, or participate in programs to alleviate poverty or distress which are located in, and incorporated or unincorporated organizations located in the tribal lands of Jackson County and all of Oglala Lakota, Bennett, Todd, Mellette, Trip, or Gregory Counties in South Dakota.