December 16, 2019

More Banking Options Available for Pine Ridge Residents

We are pleased to announce that we have placed  an ATM in the Oglala Sioux Tribal Building, which will provide low-cost access to funds for area residents.

“We are so grateful for the Tribe’s support in this endeavor, and are happy to provide community members in the area with more options to access their accounts,” said Shayna Ferguson, our Branch Manager.

In the survey we conducted last summer, 34% of the respondents spent less money and time traveling to do banking, and 31% started saving more money after becoming members of the Lakota Federal Credit Union. Ferguson says she hopes more Pine Ridge residents will see similar benefits.

In addition to the Rolling Rez mobile unit at Big Bats every other Thursday, we are currently working with OST to explore opportunities for our staff to be available on site in the Tribal Building more frequently to provide services, such as opening accounts.

“We are excited to expand our membership and provide more services to our existing members in Pine Ridge and the surrounding area,” says Ferguson.

While this is our first ATM in Pine Ridge, this is actually our 3rd ATM location. The others are at Cowboy Corner in Interior and at the Lakota Trade Center in Kyle. Our ATM fees are lower than almost every other location on the Reservation.

“Our goal is to provide tools that help people achieve their financial dreams, and part of that is offering services at affordable rates. We believe our community members should have that opportunity,” says Ferguson.